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Chronic Kidney Disease May Evolve Within Decades



A recent study suggests that risk factors for chronic kidney disease may be present and identifiable even about 30 years before it is diagnosed.

The study, published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), suggests avenues for future research to determine whether certain early interventions can prevent future kidney disease.

The researchers who preformed the study have identified 441 new cases of CKD among participants, and they matched them with 882 controls who did not develop CKD. Those who ultimately developed CKD were 76% more likely to have had hypertension, 71% more likely to have been obese, and 43% more likely to have had higher triglycerides 30 years before CKD diagnosis. They were also 38% more likely to have had hypertension, 35% more likely to have had higher triglyceride levels, and nearly 3-times more likely to have had diabetes 20 years before CKD diagnosis.

The more risk factors an individual had in the past, the more likely they were to develop CKD.