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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be fasting for lab?

As a new patient, you don't have to fast for your lab.

2. Will I need to leave a urine sample?

As a new patient, a urine sample will be needed to collect at the lab.

3. What is a Renal Sonogram?

This is an ultrasound of the kidneys to look for any problems in your kidneys including stones, blockages, features of disease, tumors (lumps) and more. It is a painless procedure.

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4. Do I need to fast for a Renal Sonogram?

If the sonogram is booked at one of our locations, you are not required to fast. If booked outside of our clinic, it will be documented on your sonogram form.

5. Why do I need my PCP or referring physician to call your office when my insurance doesn't need a referral?

This is not an insurance policy. It is our practice policy that requires the referral patient.

6. What insurance do you accept?

Tarrant Nephrology Associates accepts all major insurance plans. Please call us for further clarification.

7. What credit card companies do you accept?

Tarrant Nephrology Associates accepts only Visa, MasterCard and Discover.